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UNO Presents an MFA Thesis Exhibition: Porscha' Danielle's Presence/Absence

Porscha' Danielle, Sundown, 3D scan and animation, 1:50, 2020

Porscha' Danielle "Presence/Absence" Opening night June 12th 4pm-9pm at UNO Saint Claude Gallery Gallery hours: Saturdays and Sundays 12pm-5pm through July 4th

Presence/Absence acknowledges the impact of interpersonal relationships. With it I explore issues of intimacy, isolation, loneliness and loss. Using 3D scans I am interested in viewing instances of relating in states of deconstruction and the limitless void of digital space to look more essentially at what complexity and familiarity persists.

Natalie and Maureen, 3D scan still image, 2020

Symbols of Loss, 3D animation, 1:00, 2018

Ruth, 3D scan and animation, 1:30, 2019

Bed, 3D scan still image, 2019


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