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JAMES BAILEY: The Map Is Not the Territory

The UNO-St. Claude Gallery is pleased to host an exhibition of prints by James Bailey, Professor in The School of Art at The University of Montana (UM). Curated by Kathy Rodriguez.

November 10 - December 2, 2018. 

Bailey’s work utilizes abstract and non-objective imagery derived from geometry and patterns, which are intrinsic to the medium of printmaking.  Repetition, also inherent in the medium, creates motifs of lines, shapes, and colors in the work. By using the vocabulary of formalism, Bailey establishes a visual language that speaks of landscape, time, and the use of the printmaking matrix itself.

Bailey is Professor of Printmaking, Painting and Drawing at UM, where in 1998 he founded Matrix Press, the publishing component of the print program at the University.  He also annually holds the Steamroller Print Project, which involves practicing artists and students in creating full-sheet plywood relief prints for the Day of the Dead parade in the city (Missoula, MT).  His work has been exhibited throughout the U.S. and internationally, in Estonia, France, China, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.


Regular gallery hours are 12-5 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays, through the run of the exhibition. Please contact Kathy Rodriguez at with questions, or call the gallery at 504.948.6939 during open hours.


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