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The University of New Orleans St. Claude Gallery is proud to exhibit works by P.5 artists, Candice Lin, Jamilah Sabur and Nari Ward, opening November 6, 2021.

Candice Lin is an American sculptor and installation artist living and working in Los Angeles. She draws from the cultural legacies of colonialism, slavery, and diaspora to inform her work, which she uses to address themes of race, gender, sexuality, and their representations.

Jamilah Sabur is a multidisciplinary artist who works in performance, video, and installation. She frequently references her Jamaican heritage, as well as geography and geology in her pieces, which explore the temporary nature of our world and of our fleeting presence in it, a fact that connects us all. She uses language and landscape to depict the relationship between memory and community.

Nari Ward’s sculptures incorporate a wide range of found objects, including strollers, shoelaces, obsolete technology, and fire hoses, juxtaposed to create evocative yet open-ended installations. Through his materials, Ward raises questions about race, class, and consumption, and about how traces of these social phenomena are evidenced in everyday objects. Ward participated in Prospect.1 (2008–9) and has been invited to return to New Orleans with this history in mind.

Prospect New Orleans is a citywide contemporary art triennial and the only exhibition of its kind in the US with a decade-long history. Every three years, Prospect brings new art to an old city by inviting artists from all over the world to create projects in a wide variety of venues spread throughout New Orleans. Each iteration of Prospect is organized by a leading voice in the curatorial field. For residents and visitors alike, Prospect is an invitation to experience the city through the eyes of artists. P.5 is curated by Co-Artistic Directors Naima J. Keith and Diana Nawi.

Saturday, November 6, there will be food trucks from 12-3pm. The gallery will be open Wednesday-Sunday, 11-4pm during Prospect.5.


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